At Claremont Methodist we strive to be a praying people, and we facilitate this in a number of ways so that all are able to participate.

Prayer Calendar

Each month a Prayer Calendar is published which offers daily Bible Readings along with prayer pointers for each day of the month. All who use this are then on a common prayer journey.

Sunday Intercession

In every Service a member of the Church leads the congregation in praying for the needs of the world around us. We pray for Christ’s light to shine into the darkness of our world, and for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. Doing this in Corporate Worship enables all worshipers to be part of this prayer journey together.

Wednesday Morning Prayer Meeting

This (open to all) prayer meeting from 9am-10am every Wednesday presents an opportunity to pray for individuals by name. We are dedicated to praying for every person whose name is on the Church Prayer List, and for others who are brought to our attention, and for the families of our Church (5 per week).

Wednesday Open House

Every Wednesday the Church doors stand wide open between 4:30pm and 6pm and signs invite any passerby to come and pray in a safe, quiet space. Personal Prayer Guides are provided for those who enter the Church to use at their discretion. In this way we feel we re also inviting our Community to be part of our prayer journey.

Wednesday Afternoon Prayer Meeting

This (open to all) prayer time is from 5:30-6pm every Wednesday. The group gathers in the Alcove of the Church and prays together while others making use of Open House are free to either join or continue in personal prayer.

Prayer Walks

On a regular basis we hold Saturday afternoon prayer walks around Claremont, praying for the streets and homes of our neighbourhood one-by-one. We believe that God answers our prayers and is at work to draw all the residents of these streets into relationship with Himself.

Our prayer life is an ongoing journey and all are invited to come and be part of it!